Walking from "magig to double uggh"


Yet another day

where the sun is greeting us

with its rays of life.


Morning tenderness

caresses my naked skin.

I breath in deeply!


Sand beneath my feet

while the waves of the ocean

vanish at the beach.


Water comes and goes.

The approaching waves fading

into the silence.


I keep on walking

only to find the abyss 

of humanity!


On the black sand dunes

just rubbish upon rubbish.

Beauty is fading!


An unpleasant scent -

sewage mixed with fish farming  -

spreads along the beach.


We deface nature!

We pollute the source of life!

We must be so blind!


Let's open our eyes

to the beauty that nature

offers us humans.


The clean air to breath,

healthy soil for our food, and

pure water to drink.


Earth. That's home. That's us.