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  • Dr. Jessica Kind

    Climate Scientist / Entrepreneur / Illustrator

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    Project management

    NFT - non fungible token


    The social and environmental conflicts of the 21st century are the main topics of my NFT art. I am combining poetry and digital art to raise awareness of the injustice I see myself surrounded with and that society has seemingly normalised.

    Geoscience & environmental illustration

    Geo-science & environmental


    In my illustrations I can bring together my two professions and passions. Since 2019 I have been creating scientifically based illustrations for educational purposes. For me this is more than art - it is a way to communicate complex concepts in an appealing and easy to understand way.

    Environmental & sustainability education

    Environmental & sustainability


    Currently teaching environmental science and entrepreneurship at the university del Valle Guatemala (UVG). I have 10 years of teaching experience at international universities (ETH Zurich, Handai University in Osaka, Japan, University of Calcutta, India).

    Project management

    Environmental projects


    Longstanding experience in developing and implementing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating and adapting to climate change. I strongly believe in holistic projects that integrate the focus on a positive social, environmental & economic impact.

  • About me

    Climate scientist, Entrepreneur, Illustrator

    Comic about classroom management

    Teaching in Guatemala


    I am very grateful and excited about the opportunity to teach at UVG in Guatemala. I want my students to be curious, actively participate, create new ideas, have fun, and build up their self-esteem.


    Comic about the divestment movement

    Co-Founding fossil free CH


    Together with a group of friends, we started the fossil fuel divestment movement in Switzerland, because these investments are a risk for both investors and the planet. Support #NoCoal #NoFossilFuels

    Comic about field trip to Australia

    Searching for sand


    Searching for wind historic directions in the deserts of Australia. The Simpson desert was the final destination and literally a dead end. The research aimed to unravel the wind directions of the past by studying the magnetic properties of sand.


    Comic about a caving expedition in India with a woman standing inside a cave with stalagmites and stalactites and a close up of a cross section of a stalagtite where research is conducted.



    Caving is one of my passions. As a researcher at ETH Zurich, I had the opportunity to do several caving expeditions as part of paleoclimatic studies. We investigated stalactites to unlock the secrets of past climate.

    Comic about the magneto tactic bacteria

    Magnetotactic bacteria


    We made bacteria dance around a simple kitchen magnet.This magnetic sensor gave them the name Magnetotactic bacteria. These bacteria use der Earth's magnetic filed to navigate in the water.

    Comic about the global temperature record

    Researching past climate

    since 2008

    Paleoclimatology is the study of past climates. Since it is not possible to go back in time to see what climate was like, we use special markers, such as ostracod, foraminifera, formed in history to interpret paleoclimate.


    Comic about deep sea drilling

    Deep Sea Drilling


    As a researcher at the GFZ Potsdam, I had the opportunity to join a deep-sea drilling campaign. We drilled sediment cores on the shores of Namibia, Angola and Gabon. What an adventure!

    Comic about scientific diving

    Scientific Diving


    I attended a scientific diving expedition at the Aeolian Islands, southern Italy, where we learned how to do research underwater. What a great adventure! Mapping the seafloor, profiling littoral geology, locating and marking objects, and sampling rocks and soil.

    Comic about microscoping microfossils

    Microscoping microfossils


    Ostracods are common microfossils found in almost all marine and freshwater habitats. Their biology and shell geochemistry provides a wide array of useful information about paleoclimate and hydrological information.

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