Maya Man walking to the pepper pepper field


Smallholder farmers

control the land they farm

and they own the land. 


They sow the seed deep,

and keep their soil warm and moist.

Seedlings appear soon. 


First, a wobbly stalk.

Plenty of water needed

to form green pepper.


Walking to the field

every day for three month,

caring for the plants. 


Ten peppers per plant?

This year - unachievable

due to prolonged drought.


Time for harvesting

the green fruits before Christmas.

Will it be enough?


The wholesale market.

Nightmare for small producers. 

Every pepper counts. 


The price is too low.

On the bush - the green fruit rots.

No earnings for them.


Great vegetable loss.

Failed market mechanisms.

Who are suffering?


Smallholder farmers.

Ensure food security. 

And barely survive.